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TD Ameritrade Option Screeners

That is it.
You open an Ameritrade Account.
Qualify For Covered Call Option Writing.
Use The Option Screeners.
Get Wealthy.


Mathematic Portfolio Of Covered Calls Is Bulletproof! (Down Markets Are Good!)

What is a Covered Call?  It is a short sale!
There are no margin calls because you own the stock to sell.
You get your cake and eat it too!
The only more aggressive safe trade is a spread.
You can get wealthy on covered calls and they need no management.
Can you handle the mathematical truth?

CFRA 4 STAR Covered Calls Good Any Day

We already agree using CFRA Research in an Ameritrade account is the best trading in the world ever.  You can’t do better; it is impossible.  Sometimes, actually normally, it is rare to find stocks under $10 on the CFRA Five Star and I just had $1000 cash to trade with.  The CFRA Four Star list adds almost 300 more instantly profitable trades with maybe a dozen on stocks trading under $10.  My first trade was a CFRA Four Star trade and it yielded 24% annual return.  Don’t watch the stock market tumble 300 points and worry; your profits are already set in stone with CFRA.

CFRA Five Star Option Income Strategies

“To uncover underappreciated differences between reported financial results and underlying economic reality to help our clients make sound investment and risk management decisions” CFRA Website

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Now go back to enjoying your life; The best minds on Wall Street work for you.

The Truth:  There will never be a better way to build immediate and long term wealth than Covered Call Writing (Selling Options).  Compound Interest is your Wealth.  You will achieve the highest returns with your principal returned immediately and spendable (liquid) in a mouse click.  Your cash will make more than your equities.  CFRA Five Star Options has Covered Call Income on stocks trading for as little as $7 ($700).  My latest trade yielded $189 on the stock BOOM $13 ($1300); the annualized return of that trade was 24%.  Any amount of money yielding that return will be a fortune in 7-15 years.  These returns are consistent.  Wall Street will conservatively admit that Covered Call Writing yields historically 18% annually.  Having the best recommendations (CFRA) through your Ameritrade account guarantees you better results.  Can you handle the truth?  You just got it with no sales pitch.  My reward is your web traffic and the blessings of helping you enjoy your life better with more income and wealth.