About MiamiHappy.Com

The price of everything is determined mathematically by its ability to produce cash income immediately.  Covered Call Writing (Selling Options) produces immediate income and requires little or no management.  It yields a historical 18% annual return.  This compound interest can allow you to become wealthy in 7-15 years even if you are broke now.  Start with as little as $700 in a TD Ameritrade account qualified for Level 1 Options trading and click on a trade recommended by CFRA Options Analysis.

My resume includes a Bachelors Degree in Economics/Mathematics.  I have also worked on a team using options to hedge the commercial purchase of commodities and securities for Oppenheimer & Co. Inc.  I have also worked as a retail Options Strategist for Dean Witter Reynolds Inc.  I have over 30 years experience in Options Trading.

You don’t need to know what I know other than I use CFRA Options Screeners for all trades.  TD Ameritrade provides you this expensive research free of charge to attract your money.  My life is enjoyable because I do not do any research or read the Wall Street Journal; I simply click on the recommended trades.  TD Ameritrade provides a one click experience to instant income.

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